Socially conscious weightlifting.

After witnessing all the craziness around the globe in 2020, we were inspired to create a project that gives back to the world. Mental and physical wellbeing can be difficult to prioritize in the best of circumstances, and the stress that has arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic – natural disasters, political revolutions, racism, and socioeconomic turmoil – have exacerbated the need for community support.

As such, we happily pledge to donate partial proceeds from every sale to charities that serve our communities. Currently, we are supporting athlete mental health by proudly donating partial proceeds to the Perseverance Fund, which allows athletes to access counselling and other mental health services. 

Our intention is to support our communities by uniting anyone who has used fitness, weightlifting or sport to better their own mental and physical health. Together, maybe we can help impact a life for the better.

“Your mind and body should be one with striking when you and your adversary are about to launch an attack. If this method is followed, your hand will attain movement through emptiness, with speed and power, without taking note of any point in which movement had begun.”

– Miyamoto Musashi

Movement as meditation.

An aspect of weightlifting that we love most is its intrinsic meditative nature, and the mad pursuit of technical perfection, despite its unattainability. In Japanese culture, this concept is referred to as shokunin.

To properly execute a snatch, clean or jerk requires mastery of your mind, breath, and body through constant self-evaluation and progression in training. It is this combination of mindfulness, presence, and ethereal movement that make weightlifting a perfect balance of mind and body, and why research has shown that resistance training can be an effective tool to support your mental health.

In order to contribute to a healthy community, we are committed to providing accessible coaching for anyone who would like to support our project through the purchase of an eligible apparel item or accessory.