Accessible coaching.

Any athlete can likely nod along with a list of character traits that can be cultivated through the pursuit of sport excellence – discipline, accountability, humility, persistence, teamwork, respect – the list can go on endlessly. At Zhouyong Weightlifting, we want these lessons and triumphs to be accessible to as many people as possible.

Become a member of our private Zhouyong Weightlifting Group on the app simply by supporting our movement through the purchase of an eligible apparel item or accessory.  In this group, you can post form check videos for analysis, get help with technique, and receive programming recommendations based off of your current ability level and goals. To join, simply contact us and state your order number to request access to the group. Once your corresponding order number is confirmed and access is granted, you’re immediately eligible to post items and receive feedback from our coaches.

Find our coaching valuable? Members of our free coaching community can upgrade to custom programming or private coaching at any time. And please help us out by leaving a review and spreading the word to friends and family who would benefit from our project.

Custom programming.

Custom online coaching services offer quality programming with convenience and affordability. Effective programs are customized based on several variables including age, sex, training experience, sport, position, competition schedule, goals, medical history, and the available training environment.

An extensive digital exercise library and video analysis help to refine and correct technique remotely. Programming can also be periodized to fit best with training/competition schedules, allowing athletes to stay fresh for their sport, and peak at the most important times of the season.

Space for custom coaching is currently limited to 10 athletes. To setup a free 30-minute zoom consultation to discuss your programming needs, or request to be put on our waitlist, feel free to contact us

Private coaching via Zoom.

Private coaching is the best choice for athletes who want to maximize their growth and development. This is due to the immediate observation, real-time feedback and hands-on adjustments the coach can make throughout every training session.

Our coaching philosophy is to foster a genuine athlete-coach relationship with every customer. We aim to educate and empower athletes by creating a training environment for you that is as optimal, progressive, and safe as possible for you given your unique personal circumstances, no matter your age, gender, weightlifting experience, or goals.

Private coaching requires a computer, a strong internet connection, Zoom app, and a enough space where we can view your lifts in full frame.

Contact us to schedule a private coaching session.