Our origin. Our values. Our mission.

The Zhouyong Weightlifting project was conceptualized amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic. What initially began as an outlet for creativity evolved into a socially conscious initiative that that aims to promote mental health, physical fitness, and diversity through the sport of Olympic weightlifting.

A portion of proceeds from every apparel order is donated to support mental health non-profits, and just one purchase grants free access to our professional coaching services. We’re bringing dollars, athletes and coaches together to accelerate mental health awareness and provide confidential professional help for those in need.


In addition to raising money for mental health initiatives, the other driving force behind the Zhouyong Weightlifting project was to honour our Asian heritage at a time when anti-Asian sentiment, like the need for mental health support, is at its zenith.

Racism is real for us. It’s lifelong, whether you’re full Asian or mixed Asian heritage. It’s made apparent very early on in life that some people don’t like us because of the colour of our skin, our language, culture or food. Sometimes it’s overt, sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes it’s violent, sometimes it’s gift wrapped as a backhanded compliment. It’s unique for each and every one of us.

But the one thing that seems consistent in our experience is that we are always left incredulous about the irony; the embarrassing frequency in which racism occurs in a country that prides itself in its diversity.

We are committed to supporting other marginalized communities and celebrating the parts of our heritage that make us whole.

Thank you for all the love and support, despite our differences.

Behind the brand.

Zhou (周) is a family name that comes from the longest ruling dynasty in ancient Chinese history, while the given name Yong (勇) translates to courage, or bravery. Juzong (举重) is weightlifting. The red seal reads “bá shān gài shì”(拔山盖世), which translates to “power can pull out the mountains.”

Together, the calligraphy, barbell and seal are meant to represent long-lasting courage in the face of adversity through a balance of serenity, grace and strength.